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Potential Benefits of Managed Futures Investments

Stay in Control While Remaining Transparent & Liquid


Managed futures investments provide full transparency that many other alternative investments do not.  Funds are held in a segregated account in the account holder's name and not pooled with other investors.


Managers utilize only exchange-traded futures and options.  Because of this, entering and exiting positions is generally seamless, as well as allowing investors to liquidate and have cash returned.


Investors are able to increase and decrease trading levels efficiently and start and stop investments effectively, or as needed.  This keeps you in complete control over your investment.

Why Choose Managed Futures?


Futures-based investments are often viewed as higher return / higher risk.  We look for managers that are non-correlated to traditional markets with superior risk-adjusted returns.


Take comfort in knowing your investments are being managed and traded by a professionally licensed advisor that will provide you the accountability your investment deserves.

Are You Ready?

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Learn 10 Compelling Reasons You Should Consider Adding Managed Futures to Your Portfolio

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