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We work with clients to build great Managed Futures portfolios.  Whether you are new to Managed Futures or a veteran looking for a fresh perspective, our collective years of experience puts us up to the challenge finding unique managers to fit unique needs.

The cornerstone of our business is, and always will be, putting the client's interest before our own.  You have serious choices to make when it comes to your financial future and we realize that.  Alternative investments come in many shapes and sizes.  We are here to help you simplify the process of making your most practical investment decision.

John Moore

Managing Member, eFloorTrade

Mr. Moore founded eFloorTrade, LLC an Independent Introducing Broker registered with the National Futures Association.  Mr. Moore is responsible for the development of new business initiatives with eFloorTrade, LLC focusing on Alternative Investments for high net worth individuals and family office.  Duties include determination and integration of compliance procedures required to offer managed futures programs through clearing networks.

Mr. Moore is responsible for new business development at eFloorTrade.  Past duties have included development of a computerized electronic order management system for the execution of exchange traded derivatives.  Mr. Moore also participated with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's Globex Learning Center as an independent software vendor.  Mr. Moore developed and maintained relationships with multi billion dollar hedge funds, algo developers, CTA's, and CPO's.

He contributed to the ongoing development of high frequency trading algorithms for prospective new clients.  Mr. Moore has also been a registered CTA and has held securities licenses - Series 7, 63, 65, and 66.  He has co managed business development and planning for a $100 million Cayman Island fund.  Duites also including managing investor relations and developing sales and marketing strategies for new and emerging CTA's, CPO's, and Hedge Funds.

Mr. Moore worked in Hawaii assisting local business in acquiring state grants for economic development.  He was registered in both securities and commodities with Lehman Brothers in Hawaii and assisted businesses in various cash management activities.  He graduated from Indiana University - Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentrations in finance and economics.

Chris has been with eFloorTrade since 2002.  During that time, he has provided brokerage and execution services to both high net worth individuals as well as institutional clients.  During his tenure, Chris was also a registered associated person with a Commodity Trading Advisor and has held securites licenses - Series 7.

His primary responsibilities include scouting new and emerging managers and ongoing due diligence of existing brokerage/manger relations.  Additionally, Chris contributes to the business development of eFloorTrade by building strategic relationships with new and emerging managers and algo developers.  He also maintains communications with new and prospective clients through various outlets.

Chris Moore

Sales & Marketing