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About eFloorTrade


"What's at stake is their life....summed up in numbers."

John Moore, eFloorTrade Managing Member


The cornerstone of our business is, and always will be, putting the client's interest before our own.  You have serious choices to make when it comes to your financial future and we realize that.  Alternative investments come in many shapes and sizes.  We are here to help you simplify the process of making the most practical investment decision - no strings attached. 


Since the 2008 financial crisis, eFloorTrade has advocated the importance of transparency and liquidity.  Investments in managed futures tend to offer these characteristics as well as the ability to profit in rising as well as declining markets.


You're in charge.


18+ years putting the client first has allowed us to serve investors - both retail and institutional - across the globe.


Whatever your needs, at eFloorTrade we're ready to work with you on your terms.  Our fiduciary responsibility is to identify your needs and present suitable alternatives that best align with your objectives. 


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